Meditate at the Letchworth temple
Meditation is a proven way of relieving stress, high blood pressure & anxiety and of calming down emotions. Although meditation is most
often associated with Buddhism, every spiritual practice, including Hinduism, Islam, & Christianity uses similar techniques
for the purpose of assessing & managing life processes, enhancing performance or to just plain relax.

Buddhist meditation takes a step further to explore the truth within onesself by developing right mindfulness. This is a technique of mind control that often leads to a feeling of inner calm and peacefulness,
and may result in profound experiences of self-realization and
transcendental awareness.

Mediation sessions followed by discussions >> On every Wednesday & Sunday
from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


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"The night is long for one who cannot sleep. A journey is long for one who does not know his destination. Ignorant existence is long and tedious for those unaware of Truth "

'The Buddha'


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